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Age Of Children

  • Oliver's Montessori Nursery Pre-School accepts Children aged from 2 years up to 5 years old.

What Days & Hours is Oliver's Montessori Nursery School Open?

  • Oliver's Montessori Nursery Pre-School is open  Mon - Fri    9am to 3pm

How many Children does Oliver's Montessori Nursery School have capacity for?

  • Oliver's Montessori Nursery Pre-School has capacity up to 22 children.

Closest Underground Stations

  • Belsize Park Underground Station

  • Hampstead Underground Station

  • Chalk Farm Station

  • Swiss Cottage

  • Hampstead Heath

When To Register Your Child
  • When to apply for a nursery is very much down to your individual circumstances, but make sure you apply in good time. The more time you allow for research, the more time you’ll have to look around different settings and find the best option for your family.

What safety protocols do you take across the board? Entrance, visitors etc.What Covid protocols do you have in place?

  • We have a policy about visitors entering the premises, but now with the Covid situation all visits are not allowed. If someone needs to see the premises for a new registration they have to come 8 - 8.30 in the morning before children come in and they are asked to come in a mask. We have several antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers fixed on the walls at children's height. We have a deep cleaning every friday afternoon.

What happens if a child is poorly or has an accident?

  • We have a policy regarding this issue. If an accident happens we have to assist the child depending on the issue eg place an ice pack on the injured area, but if a serious accident happens we have to call kids parents and at the time contact the hospital.

Do you have rules around vaccines?

  • Yes all the children are required to be vaccinated. And we ask for a copy of the vaccination records.

Development and activities

How do you keep parents updated with progress and what they’ve been up to?

  • We are using My Montessori child application where parents can follow up the development and daily activities of the children. We also have parents meetings face to face once in a term to discuss the progress. But if parents have any concern we can discuss it with them any time they ask for. 

What level of involvement do parents have?

  • We work with parents in partnership. we value their opinion and ensure that our school is welcoming parents from the first contact we have with them. They will receive a newsletter per term.

How do you manage behaviour?

  • We promote the development of positive relationships between children. We don't tolerate bullying. We support their emotional development, eg self esteem. We encourage the consideration of other feelings and listening to each other and help to recognise and understand the rules for being together with others by supporting such ideas as waiting for a turn or share.

Is there any focus on outdoor activity?

  • We are out every day for about an hour, regardless of the weather conditions. We usually ask parents to bring wellie boots and raincoat or waterproof jackets.  outside we provide lots of opportunities for the development of gross motor skill movements such as climbing, balancing, running etc. We also have an art corner outside where children can engage with drawing or other art and craft activities. 

Within the fees what is included: snacks, lunch, nappies etc.?

  • Within the fees we include snacks (fruits, milk, water). Nappies and lunch is provided by the family. 

What facilities do you have for the kids - example small toilets?

  • We have two child size toilets with training seats and child size sinks

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